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Title: Secret Uncle Crimbo with Guardians of the Six Pack!
Post by: billdred on December 15, 2014, 04:08:10 PM
Hello, this is billdred from GoTSP

We are doing a Secret Santa in KoL. There are no limits on how little or how much your gift should cost.  If you want to participate, kmail me in game with some sort of wishlist to give your Secret Uncle Crimbo an idea of what you want.  Wishlists have included high, medium, and low priced options. Registrations close at rollover on the 18th. Sorry for the short notice :/

After the 18th I will be randomizing who you are getting a gift for, and shoot you a kmail with their wishlist.  DO NOT SEND THEM THEIR PRESENT.  Send their present to me, and I will distribute it to them via DNOTC package.  This keesps it secret.

Merry crimbo!