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Title: SevenLances Clan Rules
Post by: Zaranthos on August 30, 2006, 07:08:05 AM
The clan rules are required reading. Read them all carefully and check back here regularly to see if anything is added or changed. Everyone will be expected to know the rules. You can't ask about anything here in chat, PM's, or kmails to anyone but Xenthes and even then you better have a darn good reason for asking. If you ask about something that's clearly explained here you get booted from the clan. The only exception is if you honestly don't understand something and you better have honestly read everything here carefully at least once. For the people whose first language is not english I'm sorry but you will still be required to know the rules. This is very easy but requires a little reading and that you pay attention. If you don't want to bother with this, don't think you need to read or follow rules, then just leave the clan now. There are clans that are much easier and don't have much for rules so if this stuff bothers you just find another clan. Seriously.

Clan announcements and message board:

Every clan page has a link at the top. Click that to go to the Clan Hall page where the Recent Announcements are located (scroll down the page). Read CAREFULLY and PAY ATTENTION. Thank you. You'll find useful information there, the latest news about clan related things, and other clan related information. Read the clan message board or at least browse it quick. It keeps you current on clan information and helps you be a part of the community. Don't spam the message board. It has limited space. That doesn't mean don't use it, it just means think before you post and consider using the forums or clan chat. Don't beg for stuff on the message board. Be a productive member of the kingdom and earn your treasures. We don't have a welfare program or soup kitchen for the homeless. Get a job and don't be a lazy slacking b3gz0r.  ;)

Clan chat:

To enter clan chat type "/c clan" hit enter or click chat (no quotes). Definitely spend time there. Don't endlessly beg for things, food, booze, items, etc. Get to know your fellow clan members. Help them out. Have fun. Be polite. Use your skills to help your fellow clan mates. Maybe you can buff them, maybe you can cook food, make booze, or smith items for them. The game isn't all about you, give something back. We will all have a lot more fun and enjoy the game a lot more if we work together, help one another and just play nice. Private messaging people should be for a good reason. If you want to say hello or ask a question do it in open chat. Private messaging people all the time without a good reason is like invading their space. Disrespect for clan admins will not be tolerated. Cursing, swearing, SHOUTING, begging, endless complaining, rude behavior, needless insults, racist or sexist remarks, porn chat, and general jackassery will get you booted from the clan. As soon as clan chat is annoying or no fun to be in because someone is being an ass they're in danger of getting booted from the clan. If someone insults you don't insult them back. If you have a problem with someone take it up with an admin and don't throw insults back at people even if they started it. When I start booting people from the clan for breaking the rules I won't care who started what, I'll just boot all the people involved in the problem. Flirting should be kept to a minimum and if someone asks you to stop don't bother them again. You have no idea how old someone is despite what their profiles says nor do you know if they're single/married, male/female, etc. I will have zero tolerance for sexual chat. There are plenty of places on the internet you can do crap like that but this clan is not one of them. Too many people have been needlessly offended or hurt. As a general rule it's best to keep your personal life out of the public view. For the most part we don't need to know your views on sexuality, politics, or religion. Most of these types of topics end in arguments and hard feelings so it's just best to try and avoid them in the first place.

Clan stash policies, karma, and clan ranks:

Violating the clan stash rules will result in loss of rank privileges, booting from the clan, or even adding you to the clan looter list! Some rules on the clan stash. Only take what you can use. Preferably only take what you can use for one day also (no grabbing hell ramen for a few days supply or greedy stuff like that). One days food doesn't mean 10 glasses of goats milk or something stupid either. What you can use for the day doesn't apply to items like candy hearts or potions so taking more than a few isn't acceptable and surviving off the clan stash everyday isn't acceptable either. If you can't use it or don't need it put it back so someone else can use it. NEVER take things from the stash to sell, the stash is not for you to make meat it is to support the clan. The clan stash isn't there to add to your display case collection so don't use it for that. Don't grab spider webs, can lids, or firecrackers to do the Gourd Tower quest, adventure for them yourself. When possible don't use up the last of an item to make something else (make 30 pizzas by using the last 30 wads of dough for example, maybe just make 20 pizzas). Some items seem to always be in short supply (scrumptious reagents, dry noodles, etc.) and if you make a habit of taking the last few every single day you may get in trouble (share kids and take turns). Warnings may not be given. If you're booted from the clan for taking too much from the clan stash you'll have to apply again and earn your rank(s) over again if you're accepted back into the clan. Seriously if your contribution to the clan amounts to raiding the clan stash everyday what good are you? The stash is nice to have available but experienced players shouldn't need to use it on a regular basis. Use the mall and don't be a lazy slacker forever. Also, don't add massive amounts of "crap" just to get your karma up. Buying stuff from NPC stores and dumping it into the stash makes me angry and when I get angry I might boot you from the clan and tell you to apply again so you can earn your karma all over again. Finally, donating items to the clan is just that. When you donate something you don't ask for it back later or think you're owed something for donating. Other clans might have different rules so if you don't like these rules I suggest you find a clan with rules you like. In other words, don't whine to me about the rules later if you violate them and get in trouble for it.

Ranks are earned by gaining karma (mostly). Donating meat or items to the clan stash will get you more karma. Get 10,000 or more karma and get a promotion to Trainee and get access to the clan stash. Get 100,000 karma and get promoted to Soldier with better clan stash access. 500,000 or more karma earns you the promotion to Karma Elite (the highest earned karma rank) which gives you access to the clan dungeons (Hobopolis and Slime Tube). Elite Team Player is not a karma rank but still requires 1,000,000 clan karma to obtain. Elite Team Players will have access to special dungeon runs that lower ranks will be locked out of. To get the Elite Team Player rank you need to meet the karma requirement and be a helpful dungeon team player that participates in /hobopolis (or /slimetube) chat, updates the dungeon progress forum topic, and generally play well with others. Why do you have to earn ranks? To prevent thieving jackasses from just taking stuff. Besides you'll feel better about yourself when you've earned it and you'll have stocked up karma points you can spend on nifty things you might need. Trust me, this way everyone gets a lot more items to choose from and they're there when you need them. If you're not sure about taking stuff ask first. Want a clan title that shows up in your profile? Ask an admin for the title you'd like. Rank upgrades aren't automatic so once you've earned a new rank ask an admin. How much karma can each rank spend? Get the rank and find out. The ranks aren't about how much you can get. If your only goal is to be able to spend karma and you want to know if it's worth your effort then just assume it's not. All the ranks have relatively low karma limits to help prevent looting. I think the trainee rank limit was set to allow most outfits to be taken from the stash in one day (example: star garb). The limits are low but fair. If there was a better way to help prevent looting they would likely be higher but the karma system as a whole sucks and I can't do anything about that. So don't ask people about karma limits or anything here like the rules say or you'll just get booted. That includes telling people in private what they are. They don't need to know until they have the rank period. Besides I can change them at any time and having it posted here is just one more thing I'd have to remember to update.

There are some special ranks like commanders (people who can do clan warfare attacks and spend a little more karma per day) that you can't earn with karma alone. To earn these ranks you'll have to be active in clan chat, help your fellow clan members, and get to know the admins. Don't expect to get a special rank until we know you and you've been around for awhile. If we think you're worthy we'll probably ask you. The special ranks aren't a free way to spend more karma or look cool, you're also expected to do more work for the clan when you have a special rank. The Elite Team Player rank is earned by first making it to Karma Elite rank and then by being a top notch team player in the clan dungeons. Being a team player means you cooperate in /hobopolis (or /slimetube) chat, never camp for boss kills, don't steal loot for yourself (let the admins distribute it), and participate/contribute in the clan forums. Elite Team Players will be able to participate in restricted dungeon runs as part of leaderboard efforts or special contests. Elite ranks with + or +++ are explained in another thread.

Clan leadership is often complicated hard work. You should respect the clan leadership and try to make their jobs easier by following the rules, not arguing with them, and being polite in your dealings with them. They're here to make life in the clan more fun for everyone and enforce the rules. The rules, not their rules. You might not like the rules but you will be expected to obey them. If you have problems with any of the clan leadership send a kmail to Xenthes detailing the problem clearly. Wait patiently for me to investigate or deal with your complaint. You should always try to resolve your own problems first in a calm polite manner. If you react in a bad way, insult people, or act like a jackass I'll have a much harder time seeing your side of the story since you'll have already made yourself look bad. Remember, resolving a problem never means arguing.

Ok, did you read all this? Do you meet the karma requirement (if not stop now)? Go back and read it or you'll get in trouble later. Now you read it? Good. You're not allowed to help anyone with this test! Copy/paste this paragraph and send it to an admin (click Membership Roster in clan hall to see a list of admins) saying that you've read the clan rules posted in the forums and understand them. Pay attention to admin titles. If an admins title says "Off Duty" they're not available to help you, find another admin. If you want it done faster try to see if an admin is online (/clannies /whois admins_name in chat) or click admins names in the roster and see when they last logged in since some may not log in every day. Send it via kmail (messages link on your top KoL menu). You may have to wait up to two days for an admin to process your test. If you wait longer than three tell another admin about it. If you ask about something that's on this page after you pass the test you get booted from the clan. Don't be lazy! Don't send it to more than one admin or I'll punch you in the eye!

The clan whitelist. Adding a player to the clan whitelist lets them join the clan instantly without waiting for applications to be accepted. I'm not a huge fan of whitelisting people for several reasons but usually if someone asks and has a reason I'll add them. I may remove people from the whitelist who haven't joined the clan in a long time in which case they would have to make a new request to be added. Some clan members may exclude whitelisted players from clan contests as well. In most cases people who want to reside in more than one clan are probably better off doing so with a multi.

The rules may evolve and change as needed so it might be a good idea to check back here from time to time. Thanks, and have fun!
Title: Don't be an asshat
Post by: Zaranthos on November 12, 2006, 09:16:44 AM
A little warning about bad behavior. Looting, scamming, lying, cheating, or just being mean won't be tolerated, will get you into trouble, and will not profit you in the end.

The way to get ahead in the game is to work at it. There are a lot of ways to make meat, buy cool stuff, and get ahead in the game. But if you do it dishonestly you're a person of poor character and not someone anybody will like.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor and play with honor, integrity, and honesty. Take some pride in yourself and work hard. Respect people, treat them kindly and they will most likely do the same to you.

If you work hard, respect people, keep your promises, and even help others you'll accumlate more than meat and goodies. You'll build a good name and respect for yourself, something all the meat in the game can't buy.

Looters (people who take more than they're supposed to) from the clan stash will be watched by me. I will watch your account and any multi's you might have and warn clans you join about you. They will not trust you and may even boot you from their clans. If you're listed as a looter you will get no privilages in the clan until you contact your old clan leader and pay them back to clear your name. If you messed up you can have a second chance but it will require some work on your part to clear your name.
Title: Stash abuse
Post by: Zaranthos on December 02, 2006, 04:00:50 PM
Clan stash violations:

If you violate the stash one of the following will happen to you:

1 - Booted from the clan (this can happen for the first offence and without warning).
2 - Rank suspended and title changed. You lose stash access.

If you are found in violation you need to put what you took back or at least most of it. Don't argue. Don't make excuses. Don't complain about the rules. Don't waste the Admins' time in any way. Just put the stuff back, not something else you think is worth the same, and not meat. You won't get your rank back until you replace what you took.

Leaving the clan and joining another clan isn't an easy way out here. We frequenly warn other clan leaders about people who break the rules and some of those clans will boot you instantly for that reason alone. Seriously if you can't follow some simple rules that you agreed to follow before getting your first rank then what do you expect? There are other things we can do to warn people about you as well. It's better if you do the right thing than make a bad name for yourself.
Title: Clan dungeons - Hobopolis
Post by: Zaranthos on July 19, 2008, 07:47:09 PM
If you can't get into the clan dungeon (sewers) you weren't paying attention to the posts before this. Go back, read everything, and pay attention.

If you don't read this and adhere to it stay out of the dungeon!

Most of the clan dungeon information can be found here.