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Elite Members (+ and +++ ranks)
« on: August 30, 2006, 07:02:05 AM »
Three ranks (Administrator, Commander, and Elite Team Player) now have "twin ranks" with + or +++ added. These new ranks have the ability to take 3 or 5 zero karma items (Mr. Accessories, tiny plastic swords, ultra-rares, etc.) from the clan stash.

Required to get + rank:

1) 2,000,000 or more karma.
2) Must donate a zero karma item with a value equal or greater than a Mr. Accessory to the clan stash (after you have sponsors).
3) Must be sponsored by three members with the + or +++ rank.
4) Clan member for at least 6 months.
5) Final approval by the clan leader is required.

Required to get +++ rank:

1) 3,000,000 or more karma.
2) Must donate three zero karma items (after you get sponsors) with a value equal or greater than a Mr. Accessory item to the clan stash or donate an ultra-rare with a value greater than three Mr. Accessories. Your + rank donation doesn't count towards this. Some Mr. Accessory items of the month go up in value as they get older. I'd rather not see someone sell that to buy Mr. Accessories to donate instead. So Mr. Accessory items that are 3x or more the market value of a Mr. Accessory count as two items and two Mr. Accessory items that are both worth more than 2x the market value of a Mr. Accessory count as three items subject to my approval. Keep in mind that what you donate benefits all the +(+++) members just like when they donate them it benefits you. Even though you might want to get by as cheap as possible donating better items instead of selling them just to meet the requirement to get by cheaper is just a bad idea.
3) Must be sponsored by four members with the + or +++ rank. Your + rank sponsors count towards this.
4) Must have had the + rank for at least two months.
5) Final approval by the clan leader is required.

** Important information about elite ranks **

Zero karma items are on loan only. This means you can borrow them for a short time and must then return them to the stash. I donated something why can't I keep something? Because it doesn't work that way. Once you donate something it's no longer yours (duh). If there is one TPS in the stash you need to borrow it while you mix drinks and put it right back (no you can't borrow it for an ascension or the day). You might need a Mr. Accessory for the day to do some tough adventuring and this is a nice way to borrow one for the day and put it back so someone else can use it. If a familiar of the month item ends up in there and you use it I would say you have to replace it. Candy canes, ten-leaf clovers and other low cost zero karma items can be treated the same as the general stash rules (only take what you need and never sell stuff you take). Someday maybe we can have outfits like Radio Free Regalia. A crazy bastard sword for a trip to the spectral pickle factory would be nice (hey I can dream!).

If you sponsor someone you're responsible for items they borrow. If they don't replace the items you'll have to pay the clan back. If this happens with an ultra-rare item you might be poor for a very long time if you sponsored someone who looted the clan. You have been warned so don't sponsor someone you don't trust extremely well. With that in mind people shouldn't expect to be sponsored unless they spend a lot of time in clan chat, help fellow clan members, and otherwise make a name for themselves. If nobody knows who you are you don't stand much chance of ever being a + ranked member. A + ranked member has to send Xenthes a kmail saying they agree to sponsor you. It doesn't matter how many people say they'll sponsor you because until they send Xenthes a kmail stating they've agreed to sponsor you it doesn't count. I save sponsor messages until I get them all. If it takes a long time (more than a few months) I may ask your sponsors if they still agree to sponsor you. Don't expect getting sponsors to be quick and easy because it shouldn't be. I usually take a few days to review requests when all your sponsors have checked in so you can check with me when you think you have them all but don't expect an instant rank upgrade. Be respectful of + ranked members and give them plenty of time to think about your request. Remember that they have a private forum where they will likely talk about you to other + ranked members so if you upset one of them it could reflect badly on you and hurt your chances. You should work privately with + ranked members. This isn't a topic for open clan chat.

Don't be a moron. You better keep your computer secure because if someone password guesses your account or gets your password with a keylogger or spyware it will ultimately be your fault and those that sponsored you. You better have a password people can't guess and be running antivirus and antispyware software regularly. Don't be lazy and ignore something as important as keeping your antivirus software updated. Don't know what is good software to keep your computer clean and safe? Ask, there are lots of smart people around here. There is no room for laziness or stupidity here. If your account is compromised and the clan looted of extremely valuable items lots of people are gonna be upset with you. So don't use public computers to log in, virus infested, spyware infested, or otherwise insecure computers (someone looking over your shoulder while you type in your password). Be careful!

Members who hang out in clan chat and help other members, donate far more than average members, recruit lots of new members, excel at clan warfare, and other things now have an opportunity to be rewarded with better ranks and more status among the clan. This will never be an easy thing for new members to achieve so don't expect to earn any of these ranks unless you make a name for yourself in the clan and have spent some time as a helpful well known member. Don't sit in clan chat begging for + sponsors unless you've been hanging out in clan chat for a couple months at least and been working hard to be an exceptional member of the clan. + ranks are a place of honor in the clan and a Mr. A item (or better) is the easy part, earning the trust and friendship of your fellow clan members will require more work. You can't ask people to sponsor you if you haven't gotten to know them in open chat. Sending people PM's all the time is just being a pest. Don't be a pest. If you don't actively take part in clan chat on a regular basis you have almost no chance of every becoming a + ranked member. The best way to become a + ranked member is by being a good clan member and not trying to become a + ranked member.

Elite members are now granted access to the private forum "KoL Elite Members (private)". Nobody else can see it or post there. Special!

*edit: below was from Zaranthos was clan leader. I am leaving it in since it still applies to him.

Why I (Zaranthos) probably won't sponsor you if you ask me? I had to sponsor some people to start with because there wasn't anyone else to do it obviously. It has nothing to do with if I trust you or not because if you can get other sponsors I probably would trust you as well. But in the unlikely even that something bad happened and someone did loot some 0 karma items I would be under the same rules as other sponsors are and be obligated to pay the items back along with any other sponsors. No big deal except that so far I've donated more 0 karma items than probably any two people have including some of the most valuable items. Having to work to pay back some looted items would be painful enough but working to pay back looted items that I donated in the first place would be even more painful. So if you ask me to sponsor you and I say no like I will most likely do don't take it personal. I'm just trying to manage my risk while keeping myself from the possibility of becoming instantly poor when I already feel I have the largest responsibility to support the clan already.
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Re: Elite Members (+ and +++ ranks)
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2006, 09:16:08 AM »
+ and +++ members and their sponsors:

Zaranthos - ???
LaPrachio - sponsored by Zaranthos
TheTrueTrooper - sponsored by LaPrachio
snooty - sponsored by SkinnyNate, ToneDeafBawb, lechef, Glittster, Pacone, and LaPrachio
ToneDeafBawb - sponsored by TheTrueTrooper, snooty, Daitezen, LaPrachio, and Glittster
Daitezen - sponsored by LaPrachio, snooty, ToneDeafBawb, and Glittster
Pacone - sponsored by Daitezen, LaPrachio, and snooty
PleasEaThat - sponsored by ToneDeafBawb, and snooty
ArmAstevs - sponsored by TheTrueTrooper, and ToneDeafBawb
Glittster - sponsored by Daitezen, LaPrachio, and ToneDeafBawb
SevenLances - sponsored by LaPrachio, ToneDeafBawb, and Pacone
SkinnyNate - sponsored by snooty, Glittster, and Pacone
TabT - sponsored by Glittster, SkinnyNate, and LaPrachio
lechef - sponsored by Pacone, LaPrachio, Daitezen, and Glittster
Benihime - sponsored by Pacone, lechef, and Glittster
Pat Pat The Monkey King - sponsored by Glittster, ToneDeafBawb, and SkinnyNate
Teel - sponsored by snooty, LaPrachio, and Glittster
Pwncone - sponsored by snooty, ToneDeafBawb, and LaPrachio
LilGlittster - sponsored by LaPrachio, Daitezen, and musomunci
GanGan - sponsored by SpudTheMighty, TabT, Benihime, and Glittster
SeptembaDa16F - sponsored by Pat Pat The Monkey King, Daitezen, ToneDeafBawb, and Glittster
musomunci - sponsored by SeptembaDa16F, Glittster, and Benihime
lazyleezard - sponsored by lechef, Pacone, and LaPrachio
SpudTheMighty - sponsored by SeptembaDa16F, Pat Pat The Monkey King, and SkinnyNate
Xenthes - sponsored by Pacone, King Beanface, lazyleezard, and Zaranthos
spored - sponsored by musomunci, SeptembaDa16F, Daitezen, Pat Pat The Monkey King, and lechef
sarspastic - sponsored by GanGan, musomunci, Pat Pat The Monkey King, and Xenthes
KingoftheKongo - sponsored by Xenthes, Pacone, and Daitezen
anonsi - sponsored by SpudTheMighty, GanGan, ToneDeafBawb, ZapRowsdower, and lechef
Dragons Midnight - sponsored by Pacone, anonsi, and spored
TheGrandPotatoEater - sponsored by spored, LaPrachio, and anonsi
ZapRowsdower - sponsored by SeptembaDa16f, sarspastic, Glittster, and anonsi
Dungy - sponsored by ZapRowsdower, anonsi, and SpudTheMighty
demchak - sponsored by Pacone, SpudTheMighty, and Glittster
Strong Beard - sponsored by Dungy, sarspastic, anonsi, and ZapRowsdower
Cavaloso - sponsored by anonsi, sarspastic, and Glittster
White Chocolate - sponsored by anonsi, ZapRowsdower, and Pacone
Rethgif - sponsored by Pacone, GanGan, and Glittster
Jo Grant - sponsored by White Chocolate, anonsi, and SeptembaDa16F
ATG07 - sponsored by SpudTheMighty, GanGan, Pacone, and King Beanface
King Beanface - sponsored by Dungy, Glittster, Pacone, and spored
kimi405 - sponsored by anonsi, ZapRowsdower, and King Beanface
sk1j - sponsored by kimi405, sarspastic, ZapRowsdower
Shiigirl - sponsored by sarspastic, sk1j, and King Beanface
Mizer_E - sponsored by Pacone, SpudTheMighty, King Beanface, and ATG07
WRCousCous - sponsored by King Beanface, sarspastic, ZapRowsdower, Xenthes, and anonsi
Iron Man - sponsored by Shiigirl, Xenthes, and Rethgif
LostDreams - sponsored by King Beanface, Xenthes, and WRCousCous
FroggieLegs - WRCousCous, ToneDeafBawb, Pacone
Xeronami- Xenthes, spored, Dungy
Mandoline- King Beanface, Xenthes, Xeronami
PaperCut - Dungy, Froggie Legs, Iron Man
Xen of Borg - Bawb, Dungy, and PaperCut
gumpy13 - sponsored by Dungy, PaperCut, and Xeronami
Perem - Dungy, Froggie Legs, and ToneDeafBawb
BenzDoc - Anonsi, Zaranthos, Froggie Legs
Twigman - sarspastic, Dungy, Froggie Legs
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