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Clan Dungeons Rules of Conduct (Ver 1.8)
« on: June 20, 2008, 11:26:41 PM »
You must obey all of these rules except on Free for All Fridays (see the other topic in this thread).

Version 1.8 now covers all clan dungeons[/color]
Note (Ver 1.7) :
It is now mandatory for people to specify in their want lists what they actually want, as opposed to "anything" which is NO LONGER accepted.

Also, a walkthrough for normal, every day hobo runs is available by reading this post.  Reading the post is not an option.  If you don't follow the procedure, you could be demoted.

Attention : Hobopolis and Dreadsylvania isn't free. It costs a clan 10,000,000 meat to purchase and 1,000,000 meat for every new instance. In a clan as large as this it could easily cost 2,000,000 meat per day to keep the clan dungeons open. That means you shouldn't spend a lot of time there unless you're helping pay the bills. The more adventures you spend in clan dungeons the more meat you should be donating to the clan stash to help pay for it.

Rules of conduct :

1. Update this forum thread with the loot you have/want, and keep it updated. No post, no loot.

Pay attention to this topic. Make sure you update it if someone else hasn't. The thread has to be updated regularly by someone so if you pass the sewers update it, if you advance images update it, if you just spend a bunch of adventures update it. If someone else updates it you may not have to but if you don't update it or check you're likely to get skipped for hobo loot. Make sure you watch for links in the main post or directions on what the current strategy is. Killing a boss is a privilege. If you kill a boss you will be required to update the thread below (unless someone else does it) or you'll get no loot or be banned from future dungeons.

2. Be Prepared.

Enter the dungeon only if you are level 15-20 or higher, OR if you really know your way around and like to spend a lot on potions and buffs to keep you alive. The dungeon is HARD, and it seems that the more people that venture in there, the more difficult it gets, so don't go in if you can't stand the heat.

3. Chat.

There's a new chat channel for hobopolis, we would like for everyone that dungeon dives to talk about it in that channel, NOT in open clan chat, as it cloggs up the normal clan chat a lot for the people not diving.

Here are a few good commands to know (all without the quotes) :
- Enter the clan chat channel : "/c clan"
- Enter the hobopolis channel : "/c hobopolis"
- Enter the slimetube channel : "/c slimetube"
- Enter the dreadsylvania channel : "/c dread"
- Listen to clan chat when in another channel (hobo for instance) : "/L hobopolis"
- Talk in current channel : "hello world"
- Talk in clan channel if you are in hobo channel : "/clan hello world"
- Talk to hobopolis channel from anywhere else : "/hobo hello world"

- Display a list of the channels are you listening to : "/L"
  (The one in bold, if more than one, means the one you will talk to when typing directly)
- Every time you type "/c clan" or "/c hobopolis" etc you reset the channels you talk into to that only new one.

Use the "hobopolis" channel for dungeon strategy, hints, help, timing etc.

Also, PLEASE, when you log on and go into the dungeon, PLEASE go in to the hobopolis channel and see what people are doing at the moment, so you can either help or not interfere with any strategy that is currently going on. Sometimes there's a queue of people waiting to try and tackle a boss, don't cut and get in the middle of the line!

4. Coop.

This is the first multi-player based part of Kol, now this means cooperation is at hand. Listen to the "hobopolis" channel and see if anyone in the dungeon needs help or what we are doing at the moment, and see if you can help out, contribute to the group. Sometimes people are stuck in the sewer, when the adventure comes, try to ask in the "hobopolis" channel if someone is stuck in the cage ..

Also, update this thread with progress from the sewers/town when you leave so everyone can get a quick easy glimpse at what is going on in the dungeon :

5. Bosses.

Everyone wants to fight the bosses. Now we all know that's not possible, and we don't want to have the same "the fastest person" get to fight them. When we get close to a boss fight, players should discuss in hobopolis chat about who will take a shot at it, and who gets 2nd try if the first fails etc. If you have already fought the current boss, leave the turn to somebody else who hasnt.

Some of those bosses are very hard and require the player to buff up a lot, which takes some time, and costs a lot of meat. So please be patient while someone gets ready for the ultimate fight.

6. Richard.

Richard is not there for you to use 300 adventures all at once just to get up the loot list without actually helping in the dungeon. This is very insulting to the people actually adventuring to get the dungeon finished. If you do use Richard in this manner, we will substract those adventures to your total count for loot.

If for any reason you do want to use a lot of adventures with Richard (for stats), state so in the want/have loot thread that you will skip loot, until you decide to stop using adventures that way.

Also, do not come in the dungeon and use up all of Richards stuff while adventuring, those "items" are needed for bosses and such. If you do need to use them, try to replace them afterwards to make sure we have some left for the bosses (common sense prevails here).

7. Begging.


8. Questions.

Don't keep asking the same questions over and over, you are likely to become annoying and people will not like you. Take notes or lookup on the wiki (

9. Dungeon loot.

Dungeon loot is to be distributed by an admin when the dungeon is completed, or by another player appointed by an admin. Loot is not to be taken for yourself, or distributed by yourself (except on Free for All Fridays). Violating this rule will result in immediate suspension of your dungeon privileges by reducing your rank. Repeat offenders will simply be booted from the clan.

First pick for loot is given to the player who spent the most turns in the dungeon, next player gets second pick etc until we get to the end of the list. Then we go back to first player if there is still loot to be distributed.

Beware, upping your turn count by helping Richard will most likely get you skipped for loot, see Richard (#6) above.

10. Complaints.

Take/explain/discuss any complaints with an admin. We will take care of them.
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Re: Hobopolis Rules of Conduct (Ver 1.6)
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2009, 02:54:00 PM »
"Anything" is no longer accepted in the want loot sections ..

Please specify what you actually want or you will not get anything .. thanks !
There are 10 types of people, those who understand binary and those who don't ..


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Re: Hobopolis Rules of Conduct (Ver 1.7)
« Reply #2 on: July 08, 2009, 06:08:03 PM »
Slime Tube rules are pretty basic right now. You must be in /slimetube chat when adventuring in the Slime Tube. It's always a good idea to check the logs to see if a certain strategy is being used or ask in chat before you adventure. For example, if you see 5 people have squeezed gall bladders in the logs there might be a high monster level run going on to finish the dungeon in as few turns as possible.