Author Topic: Slime Tube Rules and Guidelines  (Read 6839 times)


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Slime Tube Rules and Guidelines
« on: August 12, 2010, 11:21:16 AM »
You should be in /slimetube chat.
Loot is distributed by clan administration.
You need to have a proper loot want/have list to be eligible for receiving loot. Find the topic and do it right.
Check the forums to see if there is a slimeling run planned in which case you won't be able to enter unless you're participating.
Other than that there are no slime tube rules. You could ignore all of these and still not get into too much trouble. People get annoyed when they can't chat with participants in /slimetube though since it is still kind of a team effort.

There are guides and topics of interest on the forums to help you do it faster or get different items.,1243.0.html

You should always try to play well with others though.